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A supportive Community Membership of mommas who get what it’s like to have a child with complex medical conditions — PANS/PANDAS, Autism, Tickborne Illness, Mold Toxicity, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and more

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The number ONE thing families need when navigating complex medical conditions with their children is more support for the mothers.

As mothers, we possess the power to help our children. No one knows them like you do. No one is more invested in your child’s health than you are. But, this comes with a price.

That price is often our own wellbeing.

There are thousands of mothers and families who are, right now, having similar experiences.

There are others who understand:

  • how lonely, overwhelming, and depleting it can be
  • how this can strain relationships and change the family dynamic.

What would it mean for you and your family if you were

  • Connected to other mothers who get it
  • Resourced with health curriculum for the body, mind and spirit
  • Part of a Community that lifts you up and facilitates the transformation needed for you and your family.


The Well-Minded Mommas Club

Grounded. Connected. Empowered.

Inside this community of mothers you experience the connection and empowerment it takes to show up in the areas that matter most.

Experience a transformation in you that ripples out, positively impacting your family as a whole.

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We were never meant to do motherhood alone. Especially not while supporting a child struggling with their health.

As mothers, we hold the power to make personal changes that positively influence those around us. There is no better place to tap into that power than within a community of mothers, devoted to personal and family health transformation.

The Well-Minded Mommas Club is a community like no other. This community is exactly what you have been seeking. Every mother here truly gets it.

What you access inside Well-Minded Mommas

Personal and family health transformation of the Body – Mind – Spirit


Quarterly Intensives

Virtual Intensives lead by Dr Lindsey Wells or guest experts

  • Each quarter we deep dive into a relevant topic of interest focused on equipping & empowering you, the caretaker


Mindset Practices

Weekly Guided Mindset Practice

  • Delivered live & recorded for recurrent access
  • Shift and support your thoughts and perspectives in the day-to-day


Connection with Mommas who Get it

Two Community Gathering each month

  • Online for ease of access
  • Connect with other well-minded mommas

Private Facebook Community

  • Continued support together with the other mommas

How it’s Delivered

We gather together virtually for ease and accessibility.

Your Private Facebook Community offers

  • On-going connection & growth
  • Weekly Mindset Practices
  • Access to information about our live gatherings - links, dates, & resources

Live Gatherings via Zoom

  • Replays sent to you personally via email
  • Generally first Monday and third Wednesday of each month

Curriculum shared with you in your Well-Minded Mommas Hub

Access the connection and empowerment you crave

All you have to do is…



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be transformed


Be Transformed


The Well-Minded Mommas Club


Knowing you’re not alone

Being resourced to feel grounded, connected and empowered

Unlocking true self-compassion and self-resourcing. The kind that allows you to give the love and support you desire to give, sustainably, from the overflow

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Momma, I have a gift for you…

I want you to feel equipped with the knowledge and resources that fuel you along this journey. That’s why I’m giving you the complete Well-Minded Mommas Curriculum, as my gift to you!

BONUS: Well-Minded Mommas Health Curriculum

Access the complete WMMC health curriculum.

This 6 module curriculum includes the following topics:



Physiology of the brain and how it impacts our mood. Experience the power of a positive mindset


Stress & Sleep

Learn how to beat the chronic stress of motherhood and allow yourself the rest you deserve



Learn about sex hormones and how this influences our daily rhythm



Highlighting thyroid health, mitochondrial health, and blood sugar regulation. Release any excess emotional weight, leaving you feeling lighter and energized



Learn about the physiology of detoxification while reflecting on areas of your life that could benefit from some detoxing



Reconnect with your divine feminine and learn to trust your gut instinct


Dr. Lindsey Wells

I am Dr. Lindsey Wells, your Naturopathic Physician from Connecticut.

I am in constant awe of the mommas I see in my practice; mommas like you. The devotion, strength, and the fierce love for their child; it takes my breath away.

Witnessing this in practice, I began asking myself…

  • Am I doing enough for my families if I'm focused on the unwell child alone?
  • What would it look like if the mommas of my complex kids were to come together as a collective?
  • How might it impact the health and well being, not only of the mommas, but of their child, of all their children, of the family at large?
  • How might the incredible strength of these mommas, the strength of YOU momma, be amplified within a community united in the journey?

My questions were answered when I invited women to come together. The impact has been nothing but magic. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing these mommas together, having their cup filled, being fueled to give from the overflow. It’s beauty, it’s strength, it’s expansive!

You are part of a really powerful group of women, even if you don’t feel it right now.

The Well Minded Momma Club is here for you so you can tap into that collective power too.

What Mommas are saying about the Well-Minded Mommas Club

The Well  Minded Momma’s Club is truly a blessing in my life. There is something magical that happens when we meet. The sessions are magical, transformative, surrounded with so much compassion and love. . I hope you are one of the lucky ones who can experience such genuine and sincere support.

I have felt so isolated from other parents, my community and even traditional medicine since my son developed PANS. Just to see the faces of other moms going through this journey was incredibly uplifting and made me feel like part of a community again. Thank you for the Well-Minded Mommas Club — it has made a difference in my family’s life already!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the Well-Minded Mommas Club. This really is a very special time and place that I can go and be surrounded by other women who are living a journey with many similarities to my own. I have learnt so much and been inspired by my Mommas Club friends and am so appreciative for this experience.

The Well-Minded Mommas Club has been nothing short of magical. Dr. Wells’ modules on essential health topics were informative and empowering and the monthly meetings with other mothers who are on similar journeys left me feeling understood, validated, and deeply connected. I loved that we were able to navigate a full spectrum of topics, from scientific and medical to emotional and spiritual. I am very grateful to have participated in this incredible circle and I feel like I have rediscovered a part of myself that I thought I lost when I entered motherhood.

The time together in community with the monthly meetings was a perfect way to both tie together the information from the modules and be with other women (who specifically could understand my struggles as a mom of a child with PANS).  I am so grateful for this opportunity and glad that I invested in myself and this amazing group of women.


The Well-Minded Mommas Private Facebook community is your grounding place. Here you can access, not only your community of mommas, but all the information you need about upcoming events (dates, links, resources), your weekly mindset practices, plus your login link to The Well-Minded Mommas Hub.

The Hub is home to your WMMC curriculum modules — mood, hormones, detox, stress & sleep, metabolism and intuition — which are designed for you to move through at the pace that serves you best.

No problem. Although being together in real time is magic, life happens. Meetings are recorded and emailed to you personally, along with relevant handouts and activities. If ever you need a little guidance or support, or simply want to feel engaged and connected after missing a meeting, you have your community of mommas and me, Dr Wells, inside your Private FB Community to keep you feeling supported and on track.

Well-Minded Mommas is a membership community. You are welcome to stay and engage as long as it serves you and are free to cancel at any time. Access to curriculum & resources expires upon termination of membership.

This is for you if…

  • You recognize that this journey is bigger than the strength of any one individual
  • You’re ready to stop feeling like you’re going at it alone
  • You know when you’re resourced, mentally, emotionally, physically, the world (and the family) run a little smoother

This community is not for you if you’re looking for guidance on medical treatment or discussions of what treatment options parents are choosing for their children

For PANS/PANDAS Treatment info → Access PANS/PANDAS Power

Well-Minded Mommas Club is focused on nourishing you momma, as you shoulder the weight.

It’s about equipping you to be who you desire to be for your family and beyond, through the power of community.

No, the only requirement is that you are a mother and have experienced the challenges of motherhood. Mothers of children with complex medical conditions understand how the illness impacts not only the child, but the whole family structure. The Well-Minded Momma’s club is a space where all mothers can feel understood, heard, and connected regardless of where they are in the journey

Absolutely! This allows for mothers all over the country to connect. We all deserve the opportunity of this community regardless of where we live. The mommas report that meeting virtually not only improves accessibility, it saves them time. Many mothers caring for children with chronic illness don’t have the extra time to spare traveling, finding childcare, etc.

The Well-Minded Mommas Club offers community and education for mothers. There are no treatment recommendations, no supplement prescriptions, no assessments included in the programming. We educate on general health of the body, mind and spirit. Any information shared can be discussed with your healthcare provider.

We do not have a refund policy, however you are welcome to cancel at any time

Support can be accessed through our live gatherings and private Facebook Group. If you would like to learn more about the ways you can access support or resources from Dr Lindsey Wells, CLICK HERE. For technical support please contact us at wellmindedmommasclub@gmail.com.

I know how challenging and lonely this journey can be.
The mothers and families that walk the road of
complex medical conditions with their children get it too!

We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.

Dr. Lindsey Wells, Naturopathic Physician

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